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Visual Tributes, Video & Slideshows

At a Crematorium service, some families choose to have a visual tribute during the funeral service. This may be in the form of a single photograph on the monitor at the front of the chapel or a full slideshow.

Video & Slideshow

Often, a slide show will be accompanied by a piece of music that the family have chosen. Many find this to be a poignant way of showing the span of a life. Often these slide shows will include around 20 photos of the deceased throughout their lifetime.

This service is most often chosen at a crematorium. We have the facilities to present these visual tributes at our own service chapel. From families wishing to have a visual/slide show we will need the photographs you wish to use and the name of the piece of music that you wish to accompany it.

A Picture on Display

A framed photograph placed at the front of the church, which is either on an easel or on top of your loved ones’ coffin can be a nice visual focus during a funeral service.

From the families that would like to do this, all we need from yourselves is the image that you would like us to place in the frame.

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