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Registering a Death

What will happen before you can register a death?

If the deceased’s doctor has seen the deceased within the last 14 Days and is able to state the cause of death then the Doctor will produce a Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death. This Certificate will be emailed directly to the registrars at which point you will be able to register the death. If the coroner is involved in the death, registration may be delayed or it may be the case that the funeral takes place before registration is done. The coroners service will advise you on this when they are liaising with you.

Registering a Death

All deaths are now registered over the telephone, meaning you do not have to go to either the doctors surgery or the registrars offices. A death should be registered over the telephone with the registrars office that has jurisdiction over the area where the death has taken place.

Firstly, call the registrars, the registrar will then contact you once they have obtained the medical certificate of the cause of death and make an appointment when they will call you back and you will be able to complete the registration.

Once in possession of this certificate the registrar will contact you and give you a date and time when the registration will take place over the telephone.

Once the death has been registered, the registrar will post out to you the entry into the register (death certificate) and they will email a copy of the registrars certificate for burial or cremation to us, the funeral directors.

How quickly should a death be registered?

You should register a death within FIVE DAYS. In some cases, however, a death may be reported to the coroner and registration may be delayed. If you have any queries, then please contact us.

Who can Register a Death?

*The death is most often registered by a relative or civil partner of the deceased either present at the death or in attendance during their last illness.
*A relative residing in the sub-district in which death occurred.
*A person who was present at the death.
* The occupier of the house or institution where the death took place. If there is no known relative able to register, then the person who is arranging the funeral may register the death.

Where can I register the death?

You should register the death over the telephone with the registrar in the registration district where the death has occurred.

What information will the registrar require?

Date and place of death.
Full name of the deceased.
Maiden name (if required).
Date and place of birth.
Occupation of the deceased.
Full name, occupation and date of birth of their spouse/partner.
Usual Address.
If the deceased was receiving any public funded pension.
If known the National Health Service (N.H.S.) card number.

Please Note. It is important to check with the registrar that the full names and date of entry are correct very carefully. This is a legal document which becomes difficult to correct at a later date. The Registrar will issue a copy of the entry into the Register (Death Certificate) This Certificate is useful to hand over to Banks and Building Society’s to inform them of the death, the Certificates are priced from £11.00 per copy, these certificates will be posted out to you.

** Please note. All registration service points are CLOSED on Weekends and Bank Holidays

** Registrars contact details:

Shropshire: 03456789016 – link
Wrexham: 01978298997 – link
Chester: 0125444216 – link

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