Natural Burials (Eco-Burials) by E J Edgerton

At E J Edgerton & Son we are committed to doing what we can to minimise our impact on the environment and are proud to promote an eco-friendly alternative.

With fuel costs continually increasing along with increased environmental pressure it is only a matter of time when cremation will become too costly so we believe that our customers deserve a choice.

Eco burials have increased in popularity over recent years with over 200 new eco-burial sites spread out over the United Kingdom. These designated sites have been set up in pristine locations to encourage eco-burials.

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The essence behind this method interment is that the environmental impact is kept to a minimum through the use of sustainable and biogradeable materials that do not add foreign or toxic pollutants to our soil, water or air ... a completely natural method. (Our nearest eco-burial site is the Fenns Meadow Natural Burial Ground located in the beautiful North Shropshire Countryside.)

E J Edgerton & Son have experience in arranging eco-burials and cater for all your funeral and environmental protection requests. As your funeral directors we will happily arrange the plot location at any of the UK's sites, arrange cardboard, wicker or alternative eco-friendly coffins and all the other requests associated with funeral services.

To continue the memory of your loved one after the internment a tree can be planted or seeds scattered at the site which signifies new life of the deceased. This can be arranged through E J Edgerton or through the woodland management committee. Some sites also allow small simplistic granite or slate memorials to be placed at the site or memorial park bench. This can be arranged through E J Edgerton & Son providing the site manager has granted permission for this request.

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