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Funeral Costs

As every funeral is individual and unique, costs can vary greatly depending whether the funeral is to be a burial or cremation, the style of coffin used, whether you require a limousine or numerous other factors. Our aim is to offer a service that suits your requirements at a competitive and fair price to suit all budgets.

Costs Explained

We are able to meet virtually any requirements you may have, from a simple funeral to a more complex, elaborate service with a team of horses and horse-drawn carriage.

As members of SAIF we must abide by their ‘Code of Practice’. This includes the requirement for us to provide an itemised estimate prior to the funeral to ensure that all costs are fully explained.

Fees and Disbursements

Disbursements are the essential fees which we pay out on behalf of the family. These include:

• Church, Cemetery or Crematorium Fees

• Doctors’ Fees

• Obituary Notices etc.

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