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Today the majority of funerals are cremations. Crematoriums have service chapels where a large proportion of people choose to hold the funeral service prior to the cremation. However, some families prefer to hold a service in a church or similar venue prior to going to the crematorium.

The service at the crematorium can be religious and conducted by a religious minister or alternatively you may choose to have a non-religious service conducted by a celebrant.

Whatever funeral service you think most fitting, we will be able to arrange all the details for you.


Burials can take place in either churchyards or cemeteries most often in the area where the deceased lived. It is usual that prior to the interment a service is held in a church or another suitable venue.

Sometimes families prefer a small service around a graveside.

Whatever your preference is we will be able to give you advice and handle all of the arrangements to meet your wishes.

Green Funerals

At a time where we are all becoming increasingly aware of climate change and the effects modern life is having on the environment, it might be that you decide you would prefer a funeral service that is more environmentally friendly. We can help with advice and services that can make this an achievable goal.

Green burial grounds are in natural settings such as wooded areas, meadows, or farmland, offering a serene and peaceful resting place for your loved one. Usually set on land that is surrounded by countryside, most green burial sites offer burial plots for either a full burial or plots for interring ashes or areas for the scattering of ashes.

You may also choose a coffin from a more sustainable material such as willow, which is coppiced or harvested rather than having to be cut down. We have a large selection available. Following the funeral, you may want to plant a tree in memory of your loved one, again we can advise you on this and of the options available.

As a company – we are determined to do our part to help the environment – The recent extensions to our facilities at Bradenheath have been built in a manner and with materials that are designed to be as gentle as possible on the planet.

Within our grounds at Bradenheath we have a garden, including a pond that leads to a wooded area filled with mature alder and other native species all of which are visible from the ceiling to floor windows in our service chapel. This woodland area supports a large selection of native bird species many of whom feed at the birdfeeders provided. Amongst the trees are bird boxes and a bat box.

The plants we have planted give us an abundance of insects such as dragon flies and bees. We aim to nurture the woodland and gardens in a way that is both pleasing to people and wildlife.

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