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Our family have spent over 85 years of dedicated work building the knowledge and experience needed to provide the bereaved families we help with a first-class service at the most difficult times in their lives.

Our company began in 1935. Eric John Edgerton, from whom our company takes its name, had worked for a general builders and undertakers for many years at Bradenheath, near Whitchurch. When the company that he worked for ceased to trade following a family death. Eric needing a lively hood, he carried on the work that he had been trained to do, this time under his own name.

Where we are today..

Today, the company he started is run by the fourth generation of Eric’s family under the watchful eye of the 3rd generation. From the company’s early days, through hard work and through the personal recommendations of the families that we have helped, we have seen a continued growth in the numbers of bereaved families that we help. The services we provide today have been designed to reflect the expectations of the families we help, expectations that we always aim to exceed. We have, where we believe it improves the services we can offer, embraced technology; we continue to invest within our business to continually improve the service that we offer.

Value and efficiency

We do not believe that a first-class service should be overly expensive or beyond the reach of anyone. We do our best to provide you with genuine good value without ever compromising the high quality of service and products that we pride ourselves on. Providing a lot of the associated services for a funeral in-house along with efficient working practises, will result in you having to pay less than you would expect.

Our Team

Our company has a small team of people helping us that bring diverse experiences and talents to our team, though the qualities that you will find they all have in common is that by nature they are kind and caring people who want to help you.

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